Why Caring Matters

If you’re fortunate you’ll love your work;
if you’re wise you’ll work at love.

Caring is CPR for the soul.

When you are caring,

the first life you save is your own.

Caring and Success

College of Caring certified companies are simply better, more successful companies. Why? Because caring is contagious, and so is not caring. Studies prove what you don’t need a study to prove. We all know when we matter and when we don’t. Caring is not a sale’s pitch. Caring is nothing less than finding the real need in all stakeholders and meeting it.

Caring impacts internal stakeholders including the owners, managers, and workers within an organization. Caring impacts external stakeholders including the company’s customers and the suppliers. Caring impacts the community stakeholders as every business’s success or failure has bearing on the overall culture, economy, and environment of the community

We are all stakeholders in each other. Caring influences and elevates. The core attitude and effort of all stakeholders in a company. Caring is more than a good idea because, bottom line, caring is good for the bottom line.

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