Noah benShea, Dean

Author of the Jacob the Baker series and Pulitzer Prize nominee.

Noah benShea

Noah benShea is one of North America’s most respected and beloved poet philosophers. He is international best selling author of 28 books translated into 18 languages. His JACOB THE BAKER series of books are embraced by millions around the world. He has been a syndicated column contributor NY Times Regional newspapers nominated for The Pulitzer Prize

Noah has spoken to the Library of Congress, included in the Congressional Record, and at countless universities and colleges, including Harvard, MIT, Fuqua School of Business and some of America’s most prestigious companies and institutions including: Starbucks, The GAP, The United States Air Force Academy, The US Department of Defense, and has been published by Oxford University Press and World Bible Society in Jerusalem.

Noah benShea

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Noah was a dean UCLA at age 22, by 30 a Fellow at several esteemed “think tanks, including the famed Center in Santa Barbara, Center for the Humanities at USC, and International College PhD Program.

Noah has served as a visiting Professor of Philosophy University of California SF Med School, Philosopher in Residence/ Department of Internal Medicine Cottage Health Hospitals, Santa Barbara, on the Board of Directors of the Sansum Diabetes Research Institute, and Noah’s work was chosen to be presented as supportive and emotionally healing on every patient meal tray in the multi unit Santa Barbara Cottage Health Care system.

Noah has spoken at the Library of Congress, his work is included in the Congressional Record, he was nominated for the Graemyer Award given to individuals who have made a significant difference in the lives of people around the world.

Noah’s thoughts have been branded with North America’s biggest companies/best brands including COSTCO, C&H SUGAR, SYSCO, & STARBUCKS, 30 million cups, with over 100 million impact “Noah” impressions annually. Noah’s JACOB THE BAKER BREAD is very visibly branded and was sold in the fresh bakery of every Costco in the USA in 2018, and will be again in 2019.

For the past decade Noah has served as National Philosopher for Foundations Recovery Network and HEROES IN RECOVERY, Nashville, Tenn. And is currently the International Advisor to The Meadows, Behavioral Healthcare Provider.

Noah’s home is Santa Barbara, California and lives part of each year in Italy. Noah benShea was the founder and Executive Director of THE JUSTICE PROJECT

“Of all the things we can make in life, why not make a difference, together.”

– Noah benShea, Dean, College of Caring –

Thoughts on Noah benShea


“Noah benShea is “the compass” because has with wisdom, compassion, and humor helped so many to find their way. He is like a Zen Mark Twain.”
Larry King, CNN


“The insights in Noah benShea’s work will benefit and transform

all those who read it.”
Deepak Chopra, Best-Selling author and physician


“Noah benShea greatly elevates the human spirit with his wisdom.”
Howard Schultz, Chairman & CEO Starbucks Coffee