Become a Caring Approved Company

Show your employees, your customers, the world, and yourself that caring matters.

Companies that Care

Caring impacts internal stakeholders including the owners, managers, and workers within an organization. Caring impacts external stakeholders including the company’s customers and the suppliers. Caring impacts the community stakeholders as every business’s success or failure has bearing on the overall culture, economy, and environment of the community. We are all stakeholders in each other. Caring influences and elevates. The core attitude and effort of all stakeholders in a company. Caring is more than a good idea because, bottom line, caring is good for the bottom line

College of Caring

The Approval Process

To become College of Caring Approved, an organization must first reach out to the College of Caring Certification Board. You can start this process by filling out the application here. Once we receive the inquiry we will review the outward presentation of the organization. This will include reviewing publicly accessible client testimonials, employee reviews, and brand messaging. When these are audited we will reach back out to discuss the remaining pieces of the certification process and/or any other steps that will lead to your organization being considered a strong place of caring..

Become a Caring Approved Company

Benefits of Becoming Caring Approved

Caring for Employees

Provide value through the College of Caring certification by providing your employees with reminders that they matter, and that caring for themselves is important.

Caring for Clients

Placing a premium on the care of customers is not only better for business, but it’s better for the world. Showing you care provides long-term brand advocacy & loyalty.

Differentiating by Care

Add a unique and differentiating factor to your brand. Care certification is an emotional touchpoint that will help you stand out on best of ways.

Enhance Your Culture

Company culture matters more for business than ever before, and it’s affecting the bottom line. Start a culture of caring and enhance everything about your business.

Do More Good

The social contract between businesses and people is changing, but for the better. Be ahead of the curve and focus your business towards caring.

Enhance Engagement

By acting and showing that you care, your employees will be more actively engaged. Utilize our content enhance employee communication.