College of Caring

The College of Caring

Know no one cares how much you know until they know how much you care.

The College of Caring is not about taking classes.

It is about taking care of you.

And your ability to be other-caring is dependent on you’re being self-caring.

“Of all the things we can make in life,

why not make a difference, together.”

– Noah benShea, Dean, College of Caring –

Why Caring Matters?

Caring impacts internal stakeholders including the owners, managers, and workers within an organization. Caring impacts external stakeholders including the company’s customers and the suppliers. Caring impacts the community stakeholders as every business’s success or failure has bearing on the overall culture, economy, and environment of the community

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About the Dean…

Noah benShea, Dean – College of Caring

Noah benShea is one of North America’s most respected and beloved poet philosophers. He is international best selling author of 28 books translated into 18 languages. His JACOB THE BAKER series of books are embraced by millions around the world. He has been a syndicated column contributor NY Times Regional newspapers nominated for The Pulitzer Prize. Noah has spoken to the Library of Congress, included in the Congressional Record, and at countless universities and colleges, including Harvard, MIT, Fuqua School of Business and some of America’s most prestigious companies and institutions including: Starbucks, The GAP, The United States Air Force Academy, The US Department of Defense, and has been published by Oxford University Press.